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Differential Diagnosis For TEST/Ciliary dyskinesia ( Nasal/Bronchial wash) abn


List of current finding(s):

Congenital, Developmental Disorders
Cilia dysfunction/tracheobonchial synd.
Immotile cilia syndrome/Youngs syndrome
Kartageners syndrome
Abnormal, Bronchial wash, Bronchial washing, Bronchoscopic irrigation, Bronchoscopic irrigation (procedure), Bronchoscopic lavage, Bronchoscopic washout, Cilia Syndrome Immotile, Cilia Syndromes Immotile, Ciliary Dyskinesia, CILIARY DYSKINESIA PRIMARY, Ciliary Dyskinesias, CILIARY MOTILITY DIS, Ciliary Motility Disorder, Ciliary Motility Disorders, Disorder Ciliary Motility, Disorders Ciliary Motility, Dyskinesia Ciliary, Dyskinesias Ciliary, Dysmotile cilia syndrome, ICS, ICS Immotile cilia syndrome, Immotile cilia syndrome, Immotile cilia syndrome (disorder), Immotile Cilia Syndromes, PCD, PCD Prim ciliary dyskinesia, PCD Primary ciliary dyskinesia, POLYNESIAN BRONCHIECTASIS, Primary ciliary dyskinesia, Syndrome Immotile Cilia, Syndromes Immotile Cilia, Test
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