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Differential Diagnosis For Spine pain/vertebral skeletal pain: Synonyms


List of current finding(s):

Synonyms: next: Trauma Causes
BONE PAIN, Bone pain (finding), Bone struct cervical vertebra, Bone structure of cervical vertebra, Bone structure of cervical vertebra (body structure), Canal Spinal, Canals Spinal, Cervical spinal column, Cervical spine, Cervical spine structure, Cervical spine structure (body structure), Cervical Vertebra, Cervical vertebra unspecified, Cervical vertebrae, Cervical vertebrae (C I C VII), Cervical vertebrae (CI-CVII), Cervical vertebral column, Cx Cervical spine, neural canal, OSTALGIA, Ostealgia, Osteodynia, PAIN BONE, Set of cervical vertebrae, Skeletal pain, Spinal canal, Spinal canal structure, Spinal canal structure (body structure), Spinal Canals, Spine.cervical, Vertebra cervical, Vertebrae Cervical, Vertebral Canal