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Possible Causes For Shock - Causes: Synonyms


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Acute circulatory failure, Acute peripheral circulatory failure, CARDIOVASCULAR COLLAPSE, Circulatory collapse, CIRCULATORY FAILURE, CIRCULATORY FAILURE ACUTE, circulatory shock, Collapse, Collapse cardiovascular, COLLAPSE CIRCULATORY, Collapse circulatory peripheral, COLLAPSE PERIPHERAL CIRCULATORY, COLLAPSE PERIPHERAL VASCULAR, COLLAPSE VASCULAR, Failure circulatory, Failure of peripheral circulation, Failure peripheral circulatory, Failure/peripheral circul., Periph.circulatory failure, Peripheral circulatory failure, Peripheral vascular failure, Peripheral vascular shutdown, Shock (disorder), SHOCK CIRCULATORY, Shock physiological, SHOCK SYNDROME, Shock unspecified, Shock unspecified (disorder), SHOCK VASCULAR, syndrome shock, VASCULAR COLLAPSE