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Differential Diagnosis For Pruritis Itching: Synonyms


List of current finding(s):

Synonyms: next: Trauma Causes
Irritating sensation, Irritation sensation, Itch, Itch of skin, Itch of skin (observable entity), itching, Itching (finding), Itching of skin, Itching of skin (finding), itching skin, Itchy, Itchy skin, Pruritic dermatitis, Pruritic disorder, Pruritic disorders, Pruritic disorders (disorder), Pruritis, Pruritis (excl D05 X16), Pruritis (excluding D05 X16), pruritis of skin, Pruritus, Pruritus (disorder), Pruritus (dup) (finding), Pruritus (finding), Pruritus cutaneous, Pruritus disorder, Pruritus of skin, Pruritus of skin (finding), Pruritus skin, Pruritus unspecified, Pruritus unspecified (disorder), Skin Pruritus, Unspecified pruritic disorder