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Possible Causes For Pathologic fractures - Causes: Synonyms


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BONE FRACTURE SPONTANEOUS, FRACTURE PATHOL, Fracture Pathologic, Fracture pathological, Fracture Spontaneous, FRACTURES PATHOL, Fractures Pathologic, Fractures Pathological, Fractures Spontaneous, Path.fracture -, PATHOL FRACTURE, PATHOL FRACTURES, Patholog. fracture vertebra, Pathologic Fracture, Pathologic fracture (morphologic abnormality), Pathologic fracture unspecified site, pathological fracture, Pathological fracture (disorder), Pathological fracture (NOS) or (spine) or (vertebra), Pathological fracture spine, Pathological Fractures, Sponanteous fracture, Spontaneous bone fracture, Spontaneous fracture, Spontaneous Fractures