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Differential Diagnosis For Papilledema on exam: Synonyms


List of current finding(s):

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Blurring of optic disc, Blurring of optic disk, Choked disc, Choked Disk, Choked Disks, Disc congestion in ocular fundus, Disc edema in ocular fundus, Disc oedema in ocular fundus, Disk Choked, Disks Choked, Edema Optic Disk, Edema Optic Papilla, Edemas Optic Disk, Edemas Optic Papilla, On exam, Optic disc edema, Optic disc edema (disorder), Optic disc engorgement, Optic disc oedema, Optic disc swelling, Optic disc swelling (finding), Optic disc swollen, Optic discs blurred, Optic Disk Edema, Optic Disk Edemas, Optic Papilla Edema, Optic Papilla Edemas, Papilledema, Papilledema (disorder), Papilledema unspecified, Papilledemas, Papilloedema, Papilloedema unspecified, Unspecified papilledema, Unspecified papilledema (disorder), Unspecified papilloedema