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Differential Diagnosis For Hemoptysis: Synonyms


List of current finding(s):

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Blood in sputum haemoptysis, Blood in sputum haemoptysis (symptom), Blood in sputum hemoptysis, Blood in sputum hemoptysis (symptom), Blood in sputum symptom, Blood in sputum-symptom, Blood streaked sputum, Blood streaked sputum (finding), BLOODY SPUTUM, Coughing blood, coughing up blood, Expectoration of blood streaked sputum, Expectoration of bloody sputum, Expectoration of haemorrhagic sputum, Expectoration of hemorrhagic sputum, Haemoptysis, Haemoptysis symptom, Hemoptyses, Hemoptysis (disorder), Hemoptysis (finding), Hemoptysis symptom, Spitting (up) blood, spitting up blood, Sputum + blood-symptom, SPUTUM BLOODY