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Differential Diagnosis For Erythroderma: Synonyms


List of current finding(s):

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Dermatitides Exfoliative, Dermatitis Exfoliativa, Dermatitis exfoliative, Dermatitis exfoliative generalised, Dermatitis exfoliative generalized, dermatosis exfoliativa, Eryhtroderma, Erythematous eczema, Erythroderm, Erythroderma (disorder), ERYTHRODERMA EXFOLIATIVE, Erythroderma generalized, Erythrodermas, Erythrodermatitis, Erythrodermic eczema, Erythrodermic eczema (disorder), exfoliativa dermatosis, Exfoliative Dermatitides, Exfoliative Dermatitis, Exfoliative dermatitis generalized, Generalised erythroderma, Generalised exfoliative dermatitis, Generalized erythroderma, Generalized erythroderma (disorder), Generalized exfoliative dermatitis, Generalized exfoliative dermatitis (disorder), Hebra pityriasis, Pityriasis Hebra, Pityriasis rubra, Pityriasis rubra (Hebra), Pityriasis rubra (Hebra) (disorder), Pityriasis rubra of Hebra, WILSON-BROCQ DISEASE, Wilson-Brocq's disease