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Differential Diagnosis For Confusion/agitation on exam: Synonyms


List of current finding(s):

Synonyms: next: Trauma Causes
abnormal excitement, Agitated, Agitated (symptom), Agitated behavior, Agitated behaviour, Agitated symptom, Agitation, Agitation Psychomotor, Excessive overactivity, Excitement abnormal, Excitement Psychomotor, Feeling agitated, Feeling agitated (finding), Hyperactivity Psychomotor, Increased purposeless goalless activity, Manifestation Neurologic, Manifestation Neurological, MANIFESTATIONS NEUROL, Manifestations Neurologic, Manifestations Neurological, Marked restlessness, neural manifestation, NEUROL MANIFESTATION, NEUROL MANIFESTATIONS, NEUROL SIGNS SYMPTOMS, neurologic manifestation, Neurologic Manifestations, Neurologic manifestations of general diseases, Neurologic Signs and Symptoms, Neurological Manifestation, Neurological Manifestations, PSYCHOMOTOR AGITATION, Psychomotor agitation (finding), Psychomotor Excitement, PSYCHOMOTOR HYPERACTIVITY, PSYCHOMOTOR RESTLESSNESS, Restless, restlessness, Restlessness (finding), Restlessness behavior, Restlessness behaviour, Restlessness marked, Restlessness Psychomotor, Unable to keep still