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Differential Diagnosis For Babinski's upgoing toes/bilateral: Synonyms


List of current finding(s):

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Babinski, BABINSKI POSITIVE, Babinski Reflex, Babinski Reflexes, Babinski Sign, Babinski sign (finding), BABINSKI SIGN POSITIVE, Babinski Signs, Babinski's Phenomenon, Babinski's Reflex, Babinski's Sign, Babinski's Signs, Bilateral, Extensor plantar reflex, Extensor plantar response, Extensor plantar response (observable entity), Extensor Plantar Responses, Great Toe Paradoxical Extensor Reflex, Paradoxical Extensor Reflex Great Toe, Plantar Reflex Extensor, Plantar response extensor, Plantar Responses Extensor, Positive Babinski, Positive Babinski response, Reflex Babinski, Reflex Babinski positive, Reflex Babinski's, Reflex Extensor Plantar, Reflex plantar extensor, REFLEX PLANTAR UPGOING, Reflexes Babinski, Response Extensor Plantar, Responses Extensor Plantar, SIGN BABINSKI PRESENT, Signs Babinski's, Upgoing plantars