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Possible Causes For Priapism/persistent erection - Causes


List of current finding(s):

Trauma Causes
Urethral trauma
Penis, fracture
Penis/foreskin/glans trauma
Iatrogenic, Self Induced Disorders
Total parenteral nutrition
Penile corpus/injections
Surgical, Procedure Complication
Pelvic surgery
Spinal anesthesia/effects
Infectious Disorders (Specific Agent)
Tabes dorsalis
Infected organ, Abscesses
Cystitis, acute.
Prostatitis, acute
Neoplastic Disorders
Leukostasis syndrome/Leukemic crisis
Leukemia, chronic
Leukemia, promyelocytic
Lumbar spinal cord tumor
Metastasis to spinal cord
Myelogenous leukemia, chronic
Multiple myeloma
Sacrococcygeal tumor
Allergic, Collagen, Auto-Immune Disorders
Guillain-Barre syndrome
Antiphospholipid Syndrome/APLS
Hereditary, Familial, Genetic Disorders
Sickle cell crisis
Sickle cell trait
Sickle cell/thalassemia disease
Thalassemia major
Thalassemia minor
Sickle cell anemia
Sickle cell-hemoglobin D disease
Thalassemia-hemoglobin C disease
Anatomic, Foreign Body, Structural Disorders
Pelvic hematoma
Urethra, calculus, in males
Bladder calculus
Arteriosclerotic, Vascular, Venous Disorders
Pelvic thrombophlebitis
Functional, Physiologic Variant Disorders
Sexually active status/excess
Reference to Organ System
Spinal cord disorders
Hyperviscosity syndrome
Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria
Hypercoagulable/thrombophilia status
Heirarchical Major Groups
Neurologic disorders
Dopamine agonist Administration/Toxicity
Phenelzine (Nardil) Administration/Toxicity
Tarlafil (Cialis) Administration/Toxicity
Vardenafil (Levitra) Administration/Toxicity
Buspirone (Buspar) Administration/Toxicity
Hydralazine (Apresoline) Administration/Toxicity
Phenothiazines Administration/Toxicity
17-Alkylated steroids Administration/Toxicity
Alprostadil (Caverjet) injection/Administration/Toxicity
Chlorpromazine (Thorazine) Administration/Toxicity
Clozapine (Clozaril) Administration/Toxicity
Fat emulsion (Intralipid/Liposyn) Administration/Toxicity
Fluphenazine (Prolixin/Permitil) Administration/Toxicity
Labetalol (Normodyne/Trandate) Administration/Toxicity
Molindone (Moban) Administration/Toxicity
Nifedipine (Procardia/Adalat) Administration/Toxicity
Papaverine (Pavabid) Administration/Toxicity
Pergolide (Permax) Administration/Toxicity
Phenytoin (Dilantin) Administration/Toxicity
Prazosin (Minipress) Administration/Toxicity
Sildenafil (Viagra/Revatio) Administration/Toxicity
Testosterone (Delatestryl/Testoderm) ad
Trazodone (Desyrel) Administration/Toxicity
Xray contrast dye Administration/Toxicity/effect
Yohimbine Administration/Toxicity
Creatine supplement/intake
Anticoagulants/Anticoagulation Administration/Toxicity
Avanafil (Stendra) Administration/Toxicity
Poisoning (Specific Agent)
Cocaine abuse/intoxication
CHRONIC ERECTION, Mentulagra, Pathologic erection, PRIAPISM, Priapism (disorder), Priapisms
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