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Differential Diagnosis For Presentation/Obese Retarded Blind Hypogenital male Youth


List of current finding(s):

Hereditary, Familial, Genetic Disorders
Laurence-Moon-Biedel syndrome
Adiposity, Feeble-minded, Human Male, Human Males, Hypogenital, I.Q. 50-69, M, Male, Male (finding), Male gender, Male individual, MALE SEX, Male structure, Male structure (body structure), Males, Males (Human), MAN, Mental retardation mild, Mental retardation mild (I.Q. 50-70), Mild mental handicap, Mild mental retardat. IQ 50-70, Mild mental retardation, Mild mental retardation (I.Q. 50-70), Mild mental retardation (I.Q. 50-70) (disorder), Mild mental retardation IQ 50-70, Mild mental retardation IQ 50-70 feeble-minded or moron or educationally subnormal, Mild mental retardation IQ in range 50-70, Mild mental subnormality, mildly mentally retarded, moron, Moron (mental age 8-12 years), Moron IQ 50-69, Obese, Obese (finding), Obesities, OBESITY, Obesity (disorder), Obesity unspecified, Presentation, Sex Male, youth
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