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Differential Diagnosis For Presentation/Lung Skin Fungal Infection


List of current finding(s):

Infectious Disorders (Specific Agent)
Cutaneous fungal disease, Cutaneous mycosis, Dermal mycosis, Dermal mycosis (disorder), DERMATITIS FUNGAL, Dermatitis fungoid, dermatitis fungus, Dermatomycoses, DERMATOMYCOSIS, Dermatomycosis (disorder), Dermatomycosis other and unspecified, Dermatomycosis unspecified, eczema fungus, epidermomycosis, Fungal dermatitis, Fungal dermatosis, Fungal infection of lung, Fungal infection of lung (disorder), Fungal infection of skin, FUNGAL SKIN DIS, Fungal Skin Disease, Fungal Skin Diseases, Fungal skin infection, fungus dermatitis, fungus eczema, fungus infection skin, infection fungus skin, infection mycotic skin, infection skin due to fungus, infection skin mycotic, mycosis cutaneous, Mycosis pulmonary, mycosis skin, mycosis superficial, mycotic infection skin, Presentation, PULMONARY MYCOSIS, SKIN DIS FUNGAL, Skin Disease Fungal, Skin Diseases Fungal, Skin fungal infection, skin infection due to fungus, SKIN INFECTION FUNGAL, skin infection mycotic, skin mycoses, skin mycosis, Superficial mycosis, Superficial mycosis (disorder), Superficial mycosis unspcfd, Superficial mycosis unspecified, Superficial mycosis unspecified (disorder)
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