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Differential Diagnosis For Presentation/Liver Renal Hemolytic Febrile male


List of current finding(s):

Infectious Disorders (Specific Agent)
Leptospirosis/severe (Weils) type
Leptospirosis Ictohemorrhagica
Poisoning (Specific Agent)
Arsine gas (Hydrogen arsenide) poisoning
5-80-81 DISEASES OF THE LIVER, Disease hepatocellular, Disease Kidney, Disease Liver, Disease of kidney, Disease of liver, Diseases Kidney, Diseases Liver, Diseases of liver, Diseases of the liver, Diseases of the liver (disorder), DISORDER HEPATIC, DISORDER KIDNEY, Disorder liver, Disorder of kidney, Disorder of liver, Disorder of liver (disorder), Disorder renal, Febrile reaction, FECTOR HEPATICUS, Haemolysis, hematolysis, Hemolysis, Hemolysis (attribute), Hemolysis (finding), Hemolysis (observable entity), Hepatic disease, hepatic disorder, Hepatic Disorders, HEPATIC HEPATOCELLULAR, Hepatic pathology, HEPATOCELLULAR DISEASE, Hepatopathy, Human Male, Human Males, KIDNEY DIS, Kidney Disease, Kidney disease (disorder), Kidney diseases, kidney disorder, Kidney Disorders, LD Liver disease, Liver, LIVER DIS, LIVER DISEASE, Liver disease unspecified, Liver Diseases, Liver Disorder, Liver disorder (disorder), Liver Disorders, M, Male, Male (finding), Male gender, Male individual, MALE SEX, Male structure, Male structure (body structure), Males, Males (Human), MAN, nephrologic disease, Nephropathies, Nephropathy, Presentation, Reaction febrile, Renal Disease, Renal Diseases, Renal disorder, RENAL DISORDERS, RENAL DISORDERS NONSPECIFIC, Sex Male, Unspecified disorder of liver
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