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Differential Diagnosis For Presentation/Infant Pharyngitis Rash Peeling perineum Digits


List of current finding(s):

Infectious Disorders (Specific Agent)
Kawasaki disease
baby, DESQUAMATION, Desquamation (function), Desquamation function (observable entity), desquamation skin, Desquamative state, Digit of hand, Digit of hand structure, Digit of hand structure (body structure), Digits of hand, Digitus manus, Dropping of scales, Exfoliating, Exfoliation, Exfoliation of skin, FINGER, Finger structure, Finger structure (body structure), Fingers, Fingers (Anatomy), Fingers including thumb, Flaking of skin, Flaking skin, Foredigit, infant, Infant (person), Infant child, Infant child (person), Infants, Inflamed throat, Inflamed throat (disorder), inflammation of the throat, inflammation pharynx, inflammation throat, Peeling of skin, Peeling of skin (finding), Peeling skin, Perineal, Pharyngeal inflammation, Pharyngitides, Pharyngitis, Pharyngitis (disorder), pharynx inflammation, Presentation, Rash, Scaling, Scaling of skin, Set of digits of hand, Shedding of scales, SKIN DESQUAMATION, SKIN EXFOLIATION, Skin flaking, Skin peeling, Skin scaling, throat inflammation
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