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Differential Diagnosis For Presentation/Edema Proteinuria Lipidemia Child


List of current finding(s):

Allergic, Collagen, Auto-Immune Disorders
Lipoid nephrosis/Minimal change disease
0-11 years old, Abnormal presence of protein in urine, Child, Child (person), Child Youth, Childhood age person, Childhood age person (person), Children, Children (0-21), Dropsy, Edema, Edema (finding), Edema (morphologic abnormality), Edema (observable entity), Edema lesion, Edema symptom, Edema unspecified, EDEMAS, Edematous, HLD Hyperlipidaemia, HLD Hyperlipidemia, Hydrops, Hydrops (morphologic abnormality), HYPERLIPAEMIA, HYPERLIPEMIA, Hyperlipemias, hyperlipidaemia, Hyperlipidaemia unspecified, Hyperlipidemia, Hyperlipidemia (disorder), Hyperlipidemia unspecified, Hyperlipidemias, Interstitial edema, Interstitial oedema, lipemia, Lipidaemia, Lipidemia, lipoidemia, Oedema, Oedema lesion, Oedema symptom, Oedema unspecified, Oedematous, Presentation, Protein urine abnormal presence, Protein urine positive, Proteinuria, Proteinuria (finding), Proteinuria present, Proteinurias, SWELLING, Urinary protein positive
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