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Differential Diagnosis For Presentation/Child Autism Syndactyly Arrhythmias


List of current finding(s):

Hereditary, Familial, Genetic Disorders
Timothy Calcium channel anomaly
0-11 years old, Arrhythmia, ARRHYTHMIA CARDIAC, Arrhythmias, Arrhythmias (Heart), Arrythmia, Autism, Autism child, Autism Early Infantile, AUTISM INFANTILE, Autisms, AUTISTIC, Autistic disorder, Autistic disorder (disorder), Autistic disorder of childhood onset, Autistic disorder of childhood onset (disorder), autistic disorders, Cardiac arrhythmia, CARDIAC ARRHYTHMIA IRREGULAR PULSE, Cardiac arrhythmia unspecified, Cardiac arrhythmias, cardiac dysrhythmia, Cardiac dysrhythmia (disorder), Cardiac dysrhythmia unspecified, CARDIAC DYSRHYTHMIAS, Cardiac rhythm abnormal, cardiac rhythm disorder, cardiac rhythm disturbance, Cardiac rhythm disturbances, Child, Child (person), child autism, Child Youth, Childhood age person, Childhood age person (person), Childhood autism, Children, Children (0-21), Congenital webbing of digits, Disorder Autistic, Disorder of heart rhythm, disorder rhythm heart, Disorders Autistic, disturbance rhythm heart, Dysrhythmia, dysrhythmia cardiac, Dysrhythmia(s), Dysrhythmias, Early Infantile Autism, Ectopic beats all types, EXTRASYSTOLES, Heart Arrhythmias, HEART RHYTHM, Infantile Autism, Infantile autism (disorder), Infantile Autism Early, Infantile Psychosis, Infantile psychosis (disorder), Kanner, Kanner Syndrome, Kanners Syndrome, Kanner's syndrome, Polysyndactyly or symphalangism or syndactyly, Presentation, psychosis infantile, rhythm abnormal, rhythm disorder, rhythm heart abnormal, Symphalangism, Symphalangy, Symphalangy (disorder), Syndactylia, Syndactylias, Syndactylies, Syndactylism, Syndactylus, Syndactyly, Syndactyly (disorder), Syndactyly unspecified, Syndrome Kanner's, Webbed digits, Webbing of digits
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