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Possible Causes For Pompe disease/myocarditis - Causes


List of current finding(s):

Metabolic, Storage Disorders
Glycogen storage muscle disease/Pompe
ACID ALPHA-GLUCOSIDASE DEFICIENCY, ACID MALTASE DEFIC DIS, ACID MALTASE DEFICIENCY, Acid Maltase Deficiency Disease, alpha 1 4 glucosidase deficiency, ALPHA GLUCOSIDASE DEFICIENCY, ALPHA-1 4-GLUCOSIDASE DEFICIENCY, alpha-Glucosidase deficiency, AMD, AMD Acid maltase deficiency, CARDIOMEGALIA GLYCOGENICA DIFFUSA, DEFIC DIS ACID MALTASE, DEFIC DIS LYSOSOMAL ALPHA 1 4 GLUCOSIDASE, Deficiency Disease Acid Maltase, Deficiency Disease Lysosomal alpha-1 4-Glucosidase, Deficiency of acid maltase, Deficiency of alpha-glucosidase, Deficiency of alpha-glucosidase (disorder), Deficiency of amyloglucosidase, Deficiency of exo-1 4-alpha-glucosidase, Deficiency of gamma-amylase, Deficiency of glucan 1 4-alpha-glucosidase, Deficiency of glucan 1 4-alpha-glucosidase (disorder), Deficiency of glucoamylase, Deficiency of glucoinvertase, Deficiency of glucosidosucrase, Deficiency of lysosomal alpha-glucosidase, Deficiency of maltase, Deficiency of maltase-glucoamylase, GAA DEFICIENCY, Generalised glycogen storage disease of infants, Generalised glycogenosis, Generalized glycogen storage disease of infants, Generalized glycogenosis, Generalized glycogenosis (disorder), Glycogen heart disease, GLYCOGEN STORAGE DIS II, Glycogen storage disease II, glycogen storage disease type II, Glycogen storage disease type II (disorder), Glycogenosis (generalised) or (Pompe's disease) or (type 2), Glycogenosis (generalized) or (Pompe's disease) or (type 2), GLYCOGENOSIS 02, Glycogenosis 2, Glycogenosis Generalized, GLYCOGENOSIS GENERALIZED CARDIAC FORM, Glycogenosis type 2, glycogenosis type II, Glycogenosis Type IIs, GSD II, IIs Glycogenosis Type, Lysosom alpha-1 4-glucosid def, LYSOSOMAL ALPHA 1 4 GLUCOSIDASE DEFIC DIS, Lysosomal alpha 1 4 Glucosidase Deficiency Disease, LYSOSOMAL ALPHA GLUCOSIDASE DEFICIENCY DISEASE 01 04, Lysosomal alpha-1 4-glucosidase deficiency, Lysosomal alpha-1 4-glucosidase deficiency (disorder), Lysosomal alpha-1 4-Glucosidase Deficiency Disease, LYSOSOMAL GLUCOSIDASE DEFICIENCY, Pompe, POMPE DIS, POMPE DISEASE, POMPES DIS, Pompes Disease, Pompe's disease, Type II glycogen storage disease, Type II Glycogenosis, Type IIs Glycogenosis
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