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Differential Diagnosis For Yellow skin discoloration: Poisoning (Specific Agent)


List of current finding(s):

Poisoning (Specific Agent): next: Organ Poisoning Causes
PCB/Polychlorinated biphenyl ingestion
Alcohol/Ethanol ingestion/intake
Chlordane exposure/poisoning
Copperhead snakebite
Ethylene dibromide/EDB poisoning
Liquid ecstacy/Gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB) intake
Carbon tetrachloride exposure
Fava-bean hemolysis (G6PD RBC defect)
Lobelia/Indian tobacco herbal/intake
Nicotine/tobacco intake/poisoning
Pyrrolizidine alkaloids/plant poisoning
Alcoholic fatty liver
Alcoholic liver disease
Alcoholism, chronic
Hepatitis, alcoholic
Arsenical vesicants/CBW Weapon
Chloropicrin/Exposure inhalation
Arsine gas (Hydrogen arsenide) poisoning
Copper salts exposure/Copper toxicity
Copper sulfate poisoning
Formaldehyde/formalin poisoning
Methanol ingestion/poisoning
Mushroom poisoning/all types
Mushroom/Amanita Phalloides poisoning
Mushroom/Galerina (Cortinarius) toxin
Naphthalene poisoning
Nitric acid poisoning
Nitropropane/2-Nitropropane poisoning
Phenols/carbolic acid ingestion
Potassium permanganate poisoning
Ricinism/Castor bean toxicity
Stibine/Hydrogen Antimony poisoning
Aflatoxicosis/Aflatoxin ingestion/effect
Oxidant drugs and chemicals
Tetrachlorethylene (NEMA) Administration/Toxicity
Arsenic poisoning/Acute ingestion
Chloroform administration/toxicity
Paraquat poisoning
Phosphorous ingestion/poisoning
Ricin poisoning/Inhaled terrorist exposure
Thallium poisoning
TNT industrial exposures/withdrawal
Dimethylformamide poisoning
Groundsel herbal/intake
Nitrosamine poisoning
Specific food/diet effect