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Differential Diagnosis For Tremor: Poisoning (Specific Agent)


List of current finding(s):

Poisoning (Specific Agent): next: Organ Poisoning Causes
Amphetamine/Speed toxidrome/Acute
Ecstacy drug/MDMA/Derivatives
Alcohol/Ethanol ingestion/intake
Alcohol amnestic disorder
Dog mercury/Mercury herb poisoning
Alcohol induced hypoglycemia
Alcohol seizure (rum fits)
Chlordane exposure/poisoning
Delirium tremens
Insecticide/organophosphate type
Liquid ecstacy/Gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB) intake
LSD ingestion/intoxication
Alcohol debauche (binge)
Alcohol hallucinosis/psychosis
Alcohol withdrawal
Cocaine abuse/intoxication
Crack (free base cocaine) usage/ingestion
Heroin/opiate withdrawal
Lead poisoning in children
Lobelia/Indian tobacco herbal/intake
Mercury sulfide toxicity
Nicotine/tobacco intake/poisoning
White snakeroot (eupatorium)/intake
Methamphetamine/Speed/Amphetamine chronic/abuse
Alcohol tremors
Alcoholic cerebellar degeneration
Alcoholic liver disease
Alcoholism, chronic
Heroin/morphine usage/addiction
Yellow jessamine/Jasmine poisoning
Carbon monoxide poisoning/exposure
Chlorobenzenes/Dichlorobenzene intake
Cyclodiene insecticide toxicity
Dieldrin (Octalox/Cmpd 497) poisoning
Heavy metals ingestion/poisoning
Insecticide/pesticide poisoning
Insecticides/Carbamates poisoning
Mercury/organic/methyl (Minamata) pois.
Mushroom/Belladonna-like poisoning
Tetraethyl lead poisoning
Addiction, narcotic, neonatal
Amphetamine delusional disorder
Insecticide/chlorinated/non-ester's inh
Lead poisoning
DDT/application/exposure toxicity
Lead encephalopathy
Lead nephropathy, chronic
Mercury chronic toxicity/poisoning
Mercury poisoning/infant/child
Pentaborane poisoning
Thallium poisoning
Amanita muscarina/atropinoid toxicity (fly agaric)
Ephedra/Herbal ecstacy (Ephedrine) high dose/abuse
MPTP/Meperidine designer drug/synthetic