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Differential Diagnosis For Salmon colored rash, Diarrhea, explosive: Poisoning (Specific Agent)


List of current finding(s):

Poisoning (Specific Agent): next: Environmental Causes
Horse chestnut herbal/intake
Amphetamine/Speed toxidrome/Acute
Dog mercury/Mercury herb poisoning
Pothos (devil's ivy/Ivy arum) intake
Baneberry (Actaea) intake/poisoning
Barbados nut Poisoning.
Cardiac glycosides/toxicity/poisoning
Cholinergic crisis toxidrome
Colocynth (Bitter apple) toxicity
Copperhead snakebite
Corn-cockle plant/intake
Croton oil poisoning/ingestion
Croton seed plant/intake
Daphne flower herbal/toxicity
Insecticide/organophosphate type
Malathion (Ovide) ingestion/toxicity
Mandrake root herbal/intake
Mayapple/root herbal/application.
Monkshood/Aconite herbal/intake
Moonseed/Vine-maple plant poisoning
Mountain laurel/Kalmia plant poisoning
Mushroom/Gyromitra/Turbantop/Fals morel
Pit viper snakebite
Water hemlock poisoning
Black locust (Robinia) intake
Bryony/White Bryony herbal/intake
Buttercup (Ranunculus) intake
Cassava/Manioc herbal/intake
European mistletoe herbal/intake
Fool's parsley plant/intake
Foxglove plant herbal/intake
Lead poisoning in children
Lobelia/Indian tobacco herbal/intake
Meadow Saffron plant/intake
Nicotine/tobacco intake/poisoning
Pyrethrum/Carneum herbal/application
Sea Anemone Sting
Spindle tree/Euonymus tree/poisoning
Turpentine oil herbal/intake
Wintersweet/Acokanthera plant poison
Wonder flower/Ornithogalum plant poison
Cinchona/Cinchophen herbal/intake
Methamphetamine/Speed/Amphetamine chronic/abuse
Betel nut/chewing herbal/intake
Black hellebore herbal/intake
Cuckcoopint/Arum/Wake-Robin plant
Horse nettle/Carolina herbal/intake
Pokeweed (Phytolacca a.) plant/intake
Privet/fruit herbal/intake
Benzene hexachloride (Lindane/Kwell)
Fish Poisoning, Scomboid
Vomiting CBW agent (Dm/Da/Dc) Weapon exposure
Alkali corrosive/ingestion
Bromates poisoning
Chromium trioxide/hexavalent poisoning
Copper salts exposure/Copper toxicity
Copper sulfate poisoning
Crude oil ingestion/aspiration
Formaldehyde/formalin poisoning
Gasoline poisoning
Heavy metals ingestion/poisoning
Hemlock (coniine/cicutoxin) poisoning
Insecticide/pesticide poisoning
Insecticides/Carbamates poisoning
Iodine poisoning
Isopropyl alcohol ingestion/poisoning
Jelly fish sting/Seawasp/Box
Jequirity/Paternoster pea poisoning
Jerusalem cherry plant poisoning
Lily of the valley herbal/intake
Mercury salts/bichloride acute toxicity
Mushroom/Amanita Phalloides poisoning
Mushroom/Fly agaric/Pantherina/Muscarin
Naphthalene poisoning
Nerve gas exposure
Parathion/Insecticide poisoning
Petroleum distillates/Naphtha poisoning
Poinsettia plant poisoning
Rhododendron/azalea plant poisoning
Sarin poison nerve gas exposure
TEPP/Tetraethyl pyrophosphate poisoning
Yew/Yew berry plant poisoning
Cholinesterase inhibitor poison/exposure
Lead poisoning
Silver nitrate applied/ingested
Specific food/intolerance
Columbine herbal/intake
Hydrangea plant poisoning
Lead ore exposure
Arsenic poisoning/Acute ingestion
Barium salt poisoning
Boric acid ingestion
Cadmium ingestion
Hydrazine/methyl hydrazine reagent exposure
Kerosene poisoning
Mercury vapor/acute (element) toxicity
Paraquat poisoning
Phosphorous ingestion/poisoning
Tanghin poisoning/intake
Thallium poisoning
Cantharidin ingestion
Arsenic, chronic poisoning
Alkali Ingestion/Poisoning
CBW Staphylococcal Enterotoxin B weapon
Nitrogen tetroxide reagent exposure