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Possible Causes For Coma/Unconscious - Causes: Poisoning (Specific Agent)


List of current finding(s):

Poisoning (Specific Agent): next: Organ Poisoning Causes
Opiate overdose toxidrome
Alcohol/Ethanol ingestion/intake
Oleander/leaf plant/intake
Alcohol induced hypoglycemia
Alcohol intoxication, acute
Alcoholic ketoacidosis
Cherry pits plant/ingestion
Corn-cockle plant/intake
Croton oil poisoning/ingestion
Croton seed plant/intake
Cyanogenic glycoside/plant pits poison
Daphne flower herbal/toxicity
Delirium tremens
Insecticide/organophosphate type
Intravenous/narcotic overdose
Liquid ecstacy/Gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB) intake
LSD ingestion/intoxication
Mandrake root herbal/intake
Mountain laurel/Kalmia plant poisoning
Mushroom/Gyromitra/Turbantop/Fals morel
Overdose, drug/alcohol
Phencyclidine (Angel dust) intoxication
Poison/specific agent
Rohypnol/flunitrazepam ingestion/adm
Bryony/White Bryony herbal/intake
Carbon tetrachloride exposure
Cassava/Manioc herbal/intake
Chemical fumes inhalation
Cocaine abuse/intoxication
Lead poisoning in children
Lobelia/Indian tobacco herbal/intake
Nicotine/tobacco intake/poisoning
Turpentine oil herbal/intake
Cinchona/Cinchophen herbal/intake
Cuckcoopint/Arum/Wake-Robin plant
Glue sniffing/ingestion
Heroin/morphine usage/addiction
Marihuana/cannabis usage
Pantothenyl alcohol exposure
Cyanide/Hydrogen cyanide exposure/poisoning
Aldrin poisoning
Aniline [Amino benzol] poisoning
Belladona-like plant alkaloid poisoning
Belladonna/Nightshade herbal/intake
Benzene poisoning
Botulism, infant
Bromates poisoning
Camphorated oils poisoning
Carbon monoxide poisoning/exposure
Chloral amide poisoning
Death camas (Zigadenus) poisoning.
Dieldrin (Octalox/Cmpd 497) poisoning
Diethylene Glycol poisoning
Endrin poisoning
Ergotism/wild source/wheat rust/intake
Ethylene Chlorhydrin poisoning
Ethylene glycol [Antifreeze] ingestion
Formaldehyde/formalin poisoning
Glycols ingestion/poisoning
Insecticide/pesticide poisoning
Isopropyl alcohol ingestion/poisoning
Jequirity/Paternoster pea poisoning
Jimsonweed/Jamestown weed poisoning
Lily of the valley herbal/intake
Mercury/organic/methyl (Minamata) pois.
Methanol ingestion/poisoning
Methemoglobin inducing/poisons
Methyl salicylate ingestion
Mushroom poisoning/all types
Mushroom/Amanita Phalloides poisoning
Mushroom/Belladonna-like poisoning
Mushroom/Fly agaric/Pantherina/Muscarin
Mushroom/Galerina (Cortinarius) toxin
Nerve gas exposure
Nitrobenzene poisoning
Pesticide poisoning
Petroleum distillates/Naphtha poisoning
Phenols/carbolic acid ingestion
Propenol/propyl alcohol ingestion
Rhododendron/azalea plant poisoning
Ricinism/Castor bean toxicity
Solanaceous alkaloid poisoning
Toxaphene poisoning
Yew/Yew berry plant poisoning
Aflatoxicosis/Aflatoxin ingestion/effect
Freon inhalation
Hydrogen sulfide poisoning/inhalation
Inocybe mushroom poisoning
Lead poisoning
Tetrachlorethylene (NEMA) Administration/Toxicity
Columbine herbal/intake
DDT/application/exposure toxicity
Hydrangea plant poisoning
Lead encephalopathy
Akee/'smoke' poisoning
Arsenic poisoning/Acute ingestion
Boric acid ingestion
Carbon disulfide inhalant/poisoning
Chloroform administration/toxicity
Methane gas poisoning/asphyxia
Methyl ethyl ketone poisoning
Pentaborane poisoning
Phosphorous ingestion/poisoning
Sodium fluoroacetate/Cpd 1080 poisoning
Trichlorethylene (TCE) ingestion/inhalation
Carbon dioxide gas inhalation/asphyxia
Methyl n-Butyl Ketone
Savin tops/Savin oil plant/intake
Stonefish sting/poisoning
Vacor/PNU Rat poison