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Possible Causes For Plant poisoning/accidental - Causes


List of current finding(s):

Pennyroyal (American) herbal/intake
Comfrey herbal/intake
Pennyroyal (European) herbal/intake
Aspidium/male fern plant herbal/intake
Chrysanthemum/flower herbal/intake
Ergot toxicity
Holly plant/berry poisoning
Poisoning (Specific Agent)
Oleander/leaf plant/intake
Corn-cockle plant/intake
Croton oil poisoning/ingestion
Croton seed plant/intake
Cyanogenic glycoside/plant pits poison
Mandrake root herbal/intake
Mayapple/root herbal/application.
Fava-bean hemolysis (G6PD RBC defect)
Fool's parsley plant/intake
Foxglove plant herbal/intake
Meadow Saffron plant/intake
Rhubarb leaf plant/poisoning
Spindle tree/Euonymus tree/poisoning
Cuckcoopint/Arum/Wake-Robin plant
Mountain ash (sorbus) herbal/intake
Pokeweed (Phytolacca a.) plant/intake
Arrowhead vine (nephthytis) poisoning
Arum plant family poisoning
Asparagus fern plant poisoning
Belladona-like plant alkaloid poisoning
Belladonna/Nightshade herbal/intake
Caladium plant poisoning
Dieffenbachia (Dumb cane) plant poison
Ergotism/wild source/wheat rust/intake
Fiesta pepper plant poisoning
Firethorn (pyracantha) plant poisoning
Flame violet (episcia) plant poisoning
Hemlock (coniine/cicutoxin) poisoning
Jequirity/Paternoster pea poisoning
Jerusalem cherry plant poisoning
Jimsonweed/Jamestown weed poisoning
Medicine aloe plant poisoning
Mushroom/Amanita Phalloides poisoning
Mushroom/Fly agaric/Pantherina/Muscarin
Oak (Quercus sp.) plant poisoning
Philodendron plant poisoning
Pilocarpus herbal/ toxicity
Pittosporum tobira plant poisoning
Plant botanical/alkaloid poisoning
Plant cardiac glycosides/poisoning
Poinsettia plant poisoning
Potato poisoning/solanaceous alkaloid
Rhododendron/azalea plant poisoning
Ricinism/Castor bean toxicity
Rubber plant/vine poisoning
Schefflera (Brassia a.) plant poisoning
Scindapsus aureus/pictus plant poison
Solanaceous alkaloid poisoning
Weeping fig (ficus) plant poisoning
Yew/Yew berry plant poisoning
Plant poisoning
Green tobacco sickness
Accidental poisoning, Accidental poisoning (disorder), Accidental poisoning (event), inadvertent poisoning, Poisoning accidental
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