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Differential Diagnosis For PI-linked Antigen (Cd14/CD59) positive


List of current finding(s):

Reference to Organ System
Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria
20 kDa HRF, ANTIGENS CD 059, Antigens CD59, CD 059 ANTIGENS, CD59, CD59 Antigen, CD59 Antigens, CD59 Cluster of diff a 59, CD59 Cluster of differentiation antigen 59, Cluster of diff antigen 59, Cluster of differentiation antigen 59, HOMOLOGOUS RESTRICTION FACTOR 020, Homologous Restriction Factor 20, HRF 020, HRF20, Ly-6, Lymphocyte antigen CD59, Lymphocyte antigen CD59 (substance), MACIF, Membrane Attack Complex Inhibition Factor, Membrane attack complex inhibitory factor, Membrane attack complex inhibitory factor (substance), Membrane inhib of react lysis, Membrane Inhibitor of Reactive Lysis, MIRL, p-18 Protein 18, PI-linked Antigen, positive, Protectin, Protein 18
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