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Differential Diagnosis For PATH/Labyrinth/Organ of Corti degeneration


List of current finding(s):

Congenital, Developmental Disorders
Pendred syndrome
AB7-AB9 INNER EAR, auditory labyrinth, Cochlear spiral organ, Corti Organ, Cortis Organ, Corti's Organ, Degeneration Nerve, Degeneration Neuron, Degenerations Nerve, Degenerations Neuron, Ear Inner, Ear Internal, Ears Inner, Ears Internal, IE Inner ear, inner ear, Inner ear structure, Inner ear structure (body structure), Inner Ears, Internal ear, Internal Ears, labyrinth, Labyrinth (Anatomy), Labyrinth (Ear), Labyrinth structure, Labyrinth structure (body structure), Labyrinthine, Labyrinths, Nerve degeneration, Nerve Degenerations, neural degeneration, Neurodegeneration, Neuron Degeneration, Neuron Degenerations, Organ Corti's, Organ of Corti, Organ of Corti structure, Organ of Corti structure (body structure), Organ Spiral, Organs Spiral, Pathology, Spiral organ, Spiral organ of cochlea, Spiral organ of Corti, Spiral Organs
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