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Differential Diagnosis For Past history/Celiac child


List of current finding(s):

Allergic, Collagen, Auto-Immune Disorders
Dermatitis herpetiformis
0-11 years old, CD, CD Celiac disease, CD Coeliac disease, celiac, CELIAC DIS, celiac disease, Celiac disease (disorder), Celiac rickets, Celiac rickets (disorder), Celiac sprue, Celiac syndrome, Child, Child (person), Child Youth, Childhood age person, Childhood age person (person), Children, Children (0-21), Coeliac disease, Coeliac rickets, Coeliac sprue, Coeliac syndrome, CS Celiac sprue, CS Coeliac sprue, Disease Celiac, Disease coeliac, Enteropathies Gluten, Enteropathies Gluten-Sensitive, ENTEROPATHY GLUTEN, Enteropathy Gluten-Sensitive, Gee, Gee disease, Gee Herter disease, Gee-Herter disease, Gluten Enteropathies, Gluten Enteropathy, Gluten intolerance, Gluten sensitive enteropathy, Gluten-induced enteropathy, Gluten-induced enteropathy syn, Gluten-induced enteropathy syndrome, Gluten-responsive sprue, Gluten-Sensitive Enteropathies, Gluten-Sensitive Enteropathy, GSE, GSE Gluten-sens enteropathy, GSE Gluten-sensitive enteropathy, Herter-Gee, Heubner-Herter, HEUBNER-HERTER DISEASE, Huebner-Herter disease, Idiopathic steatorrhea, Idiopathic steatorrhoea, Intolerance gluten, Non Tropical Sprue, Nontropical sprue, Non-tropical sprue, Past history, rickets celiac, Sprue, Sprue Celiac, Sprue nontropical, Steatorrhea idiopathic, Steatorrhoea idiopathic, Thaysen, Wheat-sensitive enteropathy
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