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Differential Diagnosis For Painful heroin injection/addict history


List of current finding(s):

Poisoning (Specific Agent)
MPTP/Meperidine designer drug/synthetic
Abuse drug(s) dependent, acetomorphine, ADDICTION ANY DRUG, Addiction Drug, Addiction drug(s), Addiction to drugs, alcohol or other drug dependence, Alcohol or Other Drugs dependence, Alcohol or Other Drugs dependency, Allodynia injection site, AOD dependence, AOD dependency, chemical addiction, chemical dependence, Chemical dependency, DEPENDENCE DRUG, Dependence drug(s), dependence drugs, dependence substance, Dependence syndrome, Dependency (Drug), Dependent drug abuse, Dependent drug abuse (disorder), Diacetylmorphine, Diamorphine, drug abuse and dependency, Drug abuse dependent, Drug addiction, Drug addiction syndrome, DRUG DEPENDENCE, Drug dependence (disorder), Drug dependence syndrome, Drug Dependence Syndromes, Drug dependence unspecified, Drug Dependency, drugs dependence, Heroin, Heroin (product), heroin (Schedule I substance), Heroin (substance), Injection site pain, Injection site pain (disorder), Morphinan-3 6-diol 7 8-didehydro-4 5-epoxy-17-methyl- (5alpha 6alpha)- diacetate (ester), Pain at injection site, Pain at injection site (disorder), Pain injection site, Psychoactive substance dependence, Psychoactive substance dependence (disorder), Unspecified drug dependence
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