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Differential Diagnosis For Neural Growth Factor increased/newborn (Lab)


List of current finding(s):

Relational, Mental, Psychiatric Disorders
Autism/Autistic child
0-6 weeks old, baby, CALL Protein, CamL1 Gene Product, Cell Adhesion Molecule L1, Cell Surface Glycoprotein L1, Glycoprotein, Glycoprotein NGF-Inducible, Glycoprotein NILE, Increased, infant newborn, Infants (Newborn), Infants Newborn, L1 Cell Adhesion Molecule, L1CAM, Lab, Neonatal, Neonatal state, Neonate, Neonates, Nerve Growth Factor Inducible Large External Glycoprotein, Nerve Growth Factor-Inducible Large External Glycoprotein, Neural Adhesion Molecule L1, NEURAL CELL ADHESION MOLECULE L 001, Neural Cell Adhesion Molecule L1, Newborn, NEWBORN (0-27 DAYS), Newborn (finding), Newborn (person), newborn human (0-6 weeks), Newborn infant, Newborn Infants, Newborns, NGF Inducible Glycoprotein, NGF-Inducible Glycoprotein, NILE Glycoprotein, NILE Protein
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