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Differential Diagnosis For Weight Loss: Metabolic, Storage Disorders


List of current finding(s):

Metabolic, Storage Disorders: next: Biochemical Causes
Diabetes mellitus, poorly controlled
Diabetes mellitus
Diabetes mellitus in pregnancy
Diabetic autonomic neuropathy syndrome
Enzyme defect/deficiency disorders
Diabetes mellitus/juvenile (Type I)
Diabetic amyotrophy syndrome
Lactose intolerance
Lipodystrophy/diabetes, lipoatrophic
Metabolic disorders
Amyloidosis, systemic
Diabetic diarrhea syndrome
Disaccharidase deficiency
Renal tubular acidosis type IV
Abetalipoproteinemia (Bassen Kornzweig)
Mitochondrial respiratory chain defects
Fabrys disease/Angiokeratatosis (trihexose ceramide)
Krebs cycle/EM cycle metabolic disorder
Fucosidosis (Anderson-Fabry)
Hartnup disease
Sucrose intolerance (disaccharidase df)
Secondary Lactose Intolerance Syndrome