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Differential Diagnosis For Maternal triple test (APF/HG/Estriol) abnormal (labs)


List of current finding(s):

Neoplastic Disorders
Hydatidiform mole
Deficiency Disorders
Newborn Low Birth Weight
Congenital, Developmental Disorders
Down's Syndrome
Spina bifida
Cri du Chat/Chromosome 5p (5p15.2)
Klinefelter's syndrome
Spina bifida occulta
Trisomy-21 partial translocation
Turner syndrome/Gonadal dysgenesis
Anencephaly/congenital syndrome
Craniorachischisis/Neural tube defect
Dysplasia, diastrophic
Dysplasia, epiphyseal hemimelica
Kidney agenesis, unilateral
Kidney malrotation
Osteodysplasia of vertebrae
Trisomy 13 syndrome
Trisomy-18 syndrome
Hereditary, Familial, Genetic Disorders
Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome
Spondylometaphyseal dysplasia syndrome
16 alpha Hydroxy Estradiol, 16 Hydroxyestradiol, 16-alpha-Hydroxy-Estradiol, 16-Hydroxyestradiol, Abnormal, AFP, AFP Alpha-fetoprotein, alpha Fetoprotein, alpha Fetoprotein (substance), alpha fetoproteins, alpha Foetoprotein, Alpha-1-fetoprotein, Alpha-Fetoglobulin, alpha-fetoprotein, alpha-Fetoproteins, chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), Chorionic Gonadotropin Human, E3 Estriol, E3 Oestriol, Estra-1 3 5(10)-triene-3 16 17-triol (16alpha 17beta)-, Estriol, Estriol (E3), Estriol (endocrine), Estriol (endocrine) (product), Estriol (endocrine) (substance), Estriol (gynaecological use), Estriol (gynecological use), Estriol (gynecological use) (product), Estriol (gynecological use) (substance), Estriol (substance), Estriol product, Estriol product (product), Estriol product (substance), Estriol.unconjugated, Estriols, Fetuin, Fetuin (substance), Fetuins, Gonadotropin Chorionic, Gonadotropin Chorionic Human, Gonadotropin Human Chorionic, Gonadotropins Chorionic Human, hCG, HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), hCG Hum chorion gonadotrop, HCG Human chorionic gonado, hCG Human chorionic gonadotrophin, HCG Human chorionic gonadotrophin product, hCG preparation, Human chorionic gonadotrophin, Human chorionic gonadotrophin product, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), Human chorionic gonadotropin (product), Human chorionic gonadotropin (substance), Lab, Maternal triple test, Oestriol, Oestriol (endocrine), Oestriol (gynaecological use), Oestriol product, UE3 Unconjugated estriol, UE3 Unconjugated oestriol, Unconjugated estriol, Unconjugated oestriol
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