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Differential Diagnosis For Lipase (Lab) - Increased


List of current finding(s):

Trauma Causes
Fractures, general
Multiple trauma
Surgical, Procedure Complication
Postcholecystectomy syndrome
Infectious Disorders (Specific Agent)
Infected organ, Abscesses
Cholecystitis, acute
Cholangitis, ascending
Cholangitis, secondary sclerosing
Parotitis, acute
Granulomatous, Inflammatory Disorders
Pancreatitis, acute
Pancreatitis, chronic
Neoplastic Disorders
Adenocarcinoma, ampulla of Vater
Adenocarcinoma, pancreatic
Parotid gland/malignancy
Hereditary, Familial, Genetic Disorders
Pancreatitis, hereditary
Anatomic, Foreign Body, Structural Disorders
Bile duct obstruction
Extrahepatic biliary obstruction
Intestinal/bowel obstruction
Pancreatic duct obstruction
Perforated duodenal ulcer
Fat embolism
Pancreatic pseudocyst
Obstructive jaundice syndrome
Arteriosclerotic, Vascular, Venous Disorders
Colon (bowel) infarction
Mesenteric infarct
Non-Occlusive Bowel Infarction
Vegetative, Autonomic, Endocrine Disorders
Spasm, sphincter of Oddi
Reference to Organ System
Renal Failure Acute
Renal Failure Chronic
Heirarchical Major Groups
Pancreas disorders
Codeine Administration/Toxicity
Cholinergic drug Administration/Toxicity/effect
Morphine (MS Contin/MS IR/Avinza) Administration/Toxicity
Heparin Administration/Toxicity
Hydrolase Triacylglycerol, Hydrolase Triolean, Lab, Lipase, Lipase (substance), Lipase preparation, Lipase preparation (product), Lipase preparation (substance), Lipase Triglyceride, lipases, Triacylglycerol acylhydrolase, Triacylglycerol Hydrolase, Triacylglycerol lipase, Triacylglycerol lipase (substance), Tributyrase, Tributyrinase, Triglyceridase, Triglyceride Lipase, Triolean Hydrolase
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