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Differential Diagnosis For IVP/Medullary sponge kidney


List of current finding(s):

Congenital, Developmental Disorders
Medullary sponge kidney disease
Excretory urography, Infusion pyelogram, Infusion urography by drip or bolus technique, Intravenous pyelogram, Intravenous pyelogram (procedure), Intravenous pyelogram without KUB, intravenous pyelography, Intravenous urogram, Intravenous urography, Intravenous urography without KUB, IVP, IVP Intravenous pyelogram, IVU, IVU Intravenous urogram, KIDNEY MEDULLARY SPONGE, Kidney Sponge, Kidneys Sponge, Medullary Sponge Kidney, Medullary sponge kidney (disorder), Medullary Sponge Kidneys, Pyelogram, Pyelogram intravenous, Pyelography intravenous, Retired procedure (P5-60030), Sponge Kidney, Sponge Kidney Medullary, Sponge Kidneys, Sponge Kidneys Medullary, Urography infusion drip technique and/or bolus technique, Urography intravenous positive contrast, UROGRAPY NFS DRIP TQ/BOLUS TQ
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