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Differential Diagnosis For Dizziness/Dizzy: Infectious Disorders (Specific Agent)


List of current finding(s):

Infectious Disorders (Specific Agent): next: Infected Organs Causes
Coxacki virus
Encephalitis, herpes simplex
Encephalitis, viral
Labyrinthitis, viral
Acute viremia
Encephalitis, Eastern equine
Encephalitis, Murray valley
Encephalitis, St Louis B
Encephalitis, Western equine
West Nile fever/encephalitis
Meningitis, fungal
Creutzfeld-Jakob disease
Herpes Zoster, geniculate ganglion
Hookworm (Ancylostomiasis) disease
Otitis, fungal, external/otomycosis
Syphilis, meningovascular
Encephalitis, California
Encephalitis, equine, Venezuelan
Encephalitis, Japanese B
Encephalitis, powassan
Colorado tick fever
Herpes Zoster, auricular