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Differential Diagnosis For Chest Pain in Children: Infectious Disorders (Specific Agent)


List of current finding(s):

Infectious Disorders (Specific Agent): next: Infected Organs Causes
Pneumonia, bacterial
Pneumonia, viral
Bacterial endocarditis, subacute
Bacterial tracheitis
Hepatitis, viral
Herpes Zoster, chest wall
Pneumonia, acute lobar
Pneumonia, hemophilus influenza
Pneumonia, pneumococcal
Pneumonia, mycoplasma
Myocarditis, bacterial
Myocarditis, viral
Pericarditis, viral, acute benign
Kawasaki disease
Listeria monocytogenes/listeriosis
Myocarditis, trichinosis
Pleurodynia, epidemic
Pneumonia, staphylococcal
Salmonella osteomyelitis/vertebral
Brucella osteomyelitis of spine
Perihepatitis, gonococcal (FitzHugh Curtis)
Pleurisy, tuberculous
Pleurisy, viral
Pott's disease (spinal tuberculosis)
Tuberculosis, skeletal