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Possible Causes For Hyperglobulinemia - Causes: Infected organ, Abscesses


List of current finding(s):

Infected organ, Abscesses: next: Granulomatous Causes
Abscess, intracranial
Abscess, intraperitoneal, RL quadrant
Abscess, parapharyngeal
Appendix abscess
Brain abscess
Endocarditis, infective
Abscess, abdominal, visceral
Abscess, renal
Pelvic inflammatory disease
Abscess, cervical gland
Abscess, perianal/pararectal
Abscess, subcutaneous
Abscess/Bartholin gland,cyst
Breast abscess
Bronchitis, chronic
Chronic cholecystitis
Infection Chronic
Pneumonia, unresolved
Abscess, gallbladder/pericholecystic
Abscess, liver
Abscess, orbital
Abscess, retropharyngeal
Abscess, subarachnoid
Cholangitis, ascending
Diverticulitis, colon
Hepatic abscess, pyogenic
Ovarian abscess/Tubo-ovarian abscess
Perinephric abscess
Sacroiliac pyogenic arthritis
Abscess, subphrenic
Bronchiolitis obliterans
Mycotic aneurysm/endarteritis
Myocarditis, acute
Abscess, palmar space
Abscess, paraspinal
Abscess, submammary
Arthritis with occult infection
Lumbar disk infection/pyogenic
Lung abscess
Osteomyelitis, pyogenic chronic
Pelvic abscess
Pyogenic Ankle Arthritis
Pyogenic Elbow Arthritis
Pyogenic Hip Arthritis
Pyogenic Knee Arthritis
Pyogenic Sternoclavicular Arthritis
Pyogenic Wrist Arthritis
Septic Acromioclavicular Arthritis/Pyogenic