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Differential Diagnosis For Globulin, serum (Lab) - Increased: Infected organ, Abscesses


List of current finding(s):

Infected organ, Abscesses: next: Granulomatous Causes
Abscess, intracranial
Abscess, intraperitoneal, RL quadrant
Abscess, parapharyngeal
Appendix abscess
Brain abscess
Endocarditis, infective
Abscess, abdominal, visceral
Abscess, renal
Pelvic inflammatory disease
Abscess, cervical gland
Abscess, perianal/pararectal
Abscess, subcutaneous
Abscess/Bartholin gland,cyst
Breast abscess
Bronchitis, chronic
Chronic cholecystitis
Infection Chronic
Pneumonia, unresolved
Abscess, gallbladder/pericholecystic
Abscess, liver
Abscess, orbital
Abscess, retropharyngeal
Abscess, subarachnoid
Cholangitis, ascending
Diverticulitis, colon
Hepatic abscess, pyogenic
Osteomyelitis, frontal bone
Ovarian abscess/Tubo-ovarian abscess
Perinephric abscess
Sacroiliac pyogenic arthritis
Abscess, retroperitoneal
Abscess, subphrenic
Mycotic aneurysm/endarteritis
Myocarditis, acute
Osteomyelitis, vertebral
Spinal epidural abscess
Abscess, palmar space
Abscess, paraspinal
Abscess, submammary
Arthritis with occult infection
Lumbar disk infection/pyogenic
Lung abscess
Osteomyelitis, pyogenic chronic
Pelvic abscess
Lumbar Epidural Abscess
Pyogenic Ankle Arthritis
Pyogenic Elbow Arthritis
Pyogenic Hip Arthritis
Pyogenic Knee Arthritis
Pyogenic Sternoclavicular Arthritis
Pyogenic Wrist Arthritis
Septic Acromioclavicular Arthritis/Pyogenic