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Differential Diagnosis For Immunophenotype lymph coexpress CD11c/CD22 (Lab)


List of current finding(s):

Neoplastic Disorders
Hairy cell leukemia
alphaX Integrin, Alphax Integrin Chain, antigen, Antigen CD11c, Antigen Cd11c (P150) Alpha Polypeptide, Antigen CD22, ANTIGENS CD 011C, ANTIGENS CD 022, Antigens CD11c, Antigens CD22, Antigens Leu-M5, Axb2, B Lymphocyte Cell Adhesion Molecule, B-Cell Antigen CD22, BL-CAM, B-Lymphocyte Cell Adhesion Molecule, CD 011C ANTIGENS, CD 022 ANTIGENS, CD11C, CD11C Ag, CD11c Antigen, CD11c Antigens, CD11c Cluster of diff ag 11c, CD11c Cluster of differentiation antigen 11c, CD22, CD22 antigen, CD22 Antigens, CD22 Cluster of diff ag 22, CD22 Cluster of differentiation antigen 22, CD22 Glycoprotein, CD22 molecule, Cluster of diff antigen 11c, Cluster of diff antigen 22, Cluster of differentiation antigen 11c, Cluster of differentiation antigen 22, Cr4, Glycoprotein CD22, IMMUNOL SUBTYPING, IMMUNOL SUBTYPINGS, Immunologic Subtyping, Immunologic Subtypings, immunophenotype, immunophenotyping, Immunophenotyping (procedure), Immunophenotypings, Immunotype, Integrin Alpha X, Integrin alphaX, ITGAX, Lab, Leu 14, LEU M ANTIGENS 005, Leu M5 Antigens, Leucocyte 14, Leucocyte M5, Leukocyte 14, Leukocyte M5, Leukocyte Surface Antigen P150 95, Leu-M5 antigen, Leu-M5 antigen (substance), Leu-M5 Antigens, Lyb8, lymph coexpress, Lymphocyte antigen CD11c, Lymphocyte antigen CD11c (substance), Lymphocyte antigen CD22, Lymphocyte antigen CD22 (substance), LYMPHOCYTE CELL ADHESION MOLECULE B, Myeloid Membrane Antigen Alpha Subunit, Sialic Acid-Binding Immunoglobulin-Like Lectin 2, Siglec 2, Siglec-2, SUBTYPING IMMUNOL, Subtyping Immunologic, SUBTYPINGS IMMUNOL, Subtypings Immunologic
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