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Differential Diagnosis For Hypotension with Relative Bradycardia


List of current finding(s):

Electromagnetic, Physics, trauma, Radiation Causes
Hypothermia, accidental/exposure
Hypothermia induced arrhythmias
Iatrogenic, Self Induced Disorders
Hypothermic anesthesia
Biochemical Disorders
Electrolyte abnormalities
Vegetative, Autonomic, Endocrine Disorders
Hypothyroidism (myxedema)
Myxedema coma
Complete heart block
Beta-blocker Administration/Toxicity/effect
Sedative drugs Administration/Toxicity
Tricyclic antidepressant Administration/Toxicity
Barbiturate overdose
Bretylium (Bretylol) Administration/Toxicity
Calcium channel blocker Administration/Toxicity/effect
Clonidine (Catapres) Administration/Toxicity
Diltiazem (Cardizem) Administration/Toxicity
Disopyramide (Norpace) Administration/Toxicity
Morphine (MS Contin/MS IR/Avinza) Administration/Toxicity
Nadolol (Corgard) Administration/Toxicity
Opiates/Narcotics Administration/Toxicity
Phenothiazines Administration/Toxicity
Procainamide (Procan-SR/Pronestyl) adm
Propranolol (Inderal/Cardinol) Administration/Toxicity
Verapamil (Calan/Isoptin) Administration/Toxicity
Atenolol (Tenormin/Notem) Administration/Toxicity
Carvedilol (Coreg) Administration/Toxicity
Chlorpromazine (Thorazine) Administration/Toxicity
Methyldopa (Aldomet) Administration/Toxicity
Oxymetazoline (Afrin) nasal/Administration/Toxicity
Propoxyphene (Darvon/Dolene) TOXIC Administration/Toxicity
Reserpine (Serpasil) Administration/Toxicity
Tetrahydrozoline (Tyzine) ophthalmic/ad
Propoxyphene (Darvon) overdose
Encainide (Enkaid) Administration/Toxicity
Flecainide (Tambocor) Administration/Toxicity
Quinidine (Quinaglute/Cardioquin) Administration/Toxicity
Poisoning (Specific Agent)
Opiate overdose toxidrome
Oleander/leaf plant/intake
Cardiac glycosides/toxicity/poisoning
Giant milkweed (Calotrope) toxicity
Insecticide/organophosphate type
Monkshood/Aconite herbal/intake
Mountain laurel/Kalmia plant poisoning
Overdose, drug/alcohol
European mistletoe herbal/intake
Foxglove plant herbal/intake
Hellebore/White/False ingestion
Heroin/morphine usage/addiction
Star of Bethlehem plant poisoning
Fluoride/acute poisoning/NaF poison
Insecticide/pesticide poisoning
Insecticides/Carbamates poisoning
Lily of the valley herbal/intake
Rhododendron/azalea plant poisoning
Tanghin poisoning/intake
ARTERIAL BLOOD PRESSURE DECREASED, Arterial hypotension, Arterial pressure decreased, Blood pressure decreased, BLOOD PRESSURE DROP ARTERIAL, Blood pressure dropped, Blood pressure low, Blood Pressures Low, BP fell, BP lowered, brachycardia, Bradycardia, Bradycardia (disorder), Bradycardia (finding), Bradycardia pulse, Bradycardia unspecified, Bradycardia unspecified (finding), Bradycardias, CARDIAC ARRHYTHMIA BRADYCARDIA, Decreased blood pressure, Decreased heart rate, Decreased pulse rate, decreased pulses, Drop in blood pressure, Drop of blood pressure, Fall in blood pressure, heart beat slow, heart frequency low, Heart rate decreased, Heart rate low, Heart rate slow, heart slow, Heartbeat (pulse) slow, Hypopiesis, Hypotension, Hypotension (disorder), Hypotension unspecified, Hypotensions, HYPOTENSIVE DISEASES, Low Blood Pressure, Low blood pressure (disorder), Low Blood Pressures, Low BP, Low pulse rate, Lowered blood pressure, Pressure arterial decreased, Pressure low blood, Pulse decreased, Pulse rate decrease, PULSE RATE DECREASE MARKED, Pulse rate decreased, Pulse rate low, Pulse slow, Pulse slow (finding), slow heart, slow heart beat, slow heartbeat, Slow pulse, Vascular Hypotensive Disorder
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