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Possible Causes For Heavy metals poisoning - Causes


List of current finding(s):

Poisoning (Specific Agent)
Bismuth ingestion
Chromium trioxide/hexavalent poisoning
Heavy metals ingestion/poisoning
Vanadium poisoning
Lead poisoning
Barium salt poisoning
Cadmium ingestion
Mercury chronic toxicity/poisoning
Mercury vapor/acute (element) toxicity
Nickel salts/poisoning
Tungsten salts/poisoning
Uranium salts/poisoning
Tellurium salts toxicity
HEAVY METAL POISONING, Heavy metal poisoning syndrome, Heavy metal toxicosis, Metal causing toxic effect, Metal poisoning, Metals causing toxic effect, Metals causing toxic effect (disorder), Metals toxic effect, Other metals, Other metals causing toxic effect, Other metals causing toxic effect (disorder), Other metals toxic effect, Other metals-toxic effect, Tox effect of other metals, Toxic effect of heavy metal, Toxic effect of heavy metal (disorder), Toxic effect of metal, Toxic effect of metal (disorder), Toxic effect of metals, Toxic effect of other metal, Toxic effect of other metals, Toxic effect of other metals (disorder)
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