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Differential Diagnosis For Heart cath/PAP increased/normal wedge pressures


List of current finding(s):

Electromagnetic, Physics, trauma, Radiation Causes
Hypoxia, local, effects
Vegetative, Autonomic, Endocrine Disorders
Pulmonary hypertension/PAH
Pulmonary hypertension/secondary
Secondary pulmonary hypertension/effect
Pulmonary hypertension, primary idiopathic
Reference to Organ System
Pulmonary emboli, recurrent/Homans
Respiratory distress (adult) syndrome
Emphysema/COPD/Chronic lung disease
CARDIAC CATH, Cardiac catheterisation, Cardiac catheterisation procedure, Cardiac Catheterization, Cardiac catheterization (procedure), Cardiac catheterization procedure, Cardiac Catheterization Procedures, Cardiac Catheterizations, CATH CARDIAC, CATH HEART, Catheterisation cardiac, Catheterisation of heart, Catheterization cardiac, Catheterization Heart, Catheterization of heart, Catheterization of heart (procedure), Catheterizations Cardiac, Catheterizations Heart, CCA Cardiac catheterisation, CCA Cardiac catheterization, HEART CATH, heart catheterization, Heart Catheterizations, Indirect left atrial pressure, Insertion of catheter into heart chamber, normal, PAOP Pulmonary artery occlusion pressure, PAOP-Pulmon art occlusion pres, PAWP, PAWP Pulm artery wedge press, PAWP Pulmonary artery wedge pressure, PCWP Pulmonary capillary wedge pressure, PCWP-Pulmon capill wedge press, PRESSURE PULM WEDGE, Pressure Pulmonary Wedge, PRESSURES PULM WEDGE, Pressures Pulmonary Wedge, PULM ARTERY WEDGE PRESSURE, PULM WEDGE PRESSURE, PULM WEDGE PRESSURES, Pulmon artery occlusion press, Pulmon artery wedge pressure, Pulmonary arterial pressure increased, Pulmonary arterial wedge pressure, Pulmonary artery occlusion pressure, Pulmonary Artery Wedge Pressure, Pulmonary artery wedge pressure (observable entity), Pulmonary wedge pressure, Pulmonary Wedge Pressures, WEDGE PRESSURE PULM, Wedge Pressure Pulmonary, WEDGE PRESSURES PULM, Wedge Pressures Pulmonary
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