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Possible Causes For Gonadal dysgenesis/female - Causes


List of current finding(s):

Congenital, Developmental Disorders
Turner syndrome/Gonadal dysgenesis
Turner mosaic syndrome
Hereditary, Familial, Genetic Disorders
45 X syndrome, 45X0 Turner's syndrome, anomaly chromosomes chromosomal sex Turner, chromosome anomaly sex Turner, chromosome XO syndrome, DWARFISM OVARIAN, Female, Female (finding), Female gender, Female Gender Self Report, Female Gender Self Reported, Female individual, Female sex, Female structure, Female structure (body structure), Females, genital dwarfism, Gonadal dysgenesis Turner, Karyotype 45 X, Monosomy X, monosomy X syndrome, Morgagni-Turner, Morgagni-Turner syndrome, Morgagni-Turner-Albright syndrome, ovarian dwarfism, ovarian short stature syndrome, primary ovarian insufficiency, pseudonuchal infantilism, Pterygolymphangiectasia syndrome, Sex Female, Shereshevskii-Turner syndrome, syndrome Turner, TS Turner's syndrome, Turner sex chromosome abnormality, TURNER SYNDROME, Turner syndrome (disorder), Turner syndrome (TS), Turner-Albright syndrome, Turners Syndrome, Turner's syndrome, Turner's syndrome (disorder), Turner's syndrome unspecified, Turner-Ullrich, TURNER-VARNY SYNDROME, Ullrich-Turner syndrome, Ullrich-Turner syndrome (UTS), X monosomy, X0 Turner's syndrome, XO genotype, XO SYNDROME
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