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Possible Causes For Facial nerve trunk injury/section - Causes


List of current finding(s):

Trauma Causes
Facial nerve trunk injury/section
Surgical, Procedure Complication
Surgery/otological/ENT procedure
Dental procedure/surgery
Parotid gland surgery/parotidectomy
Neoplastic Disorders
Parotid gland/malignancy
Heirarchical Major Groups
Parotid gland disorder
CRANIAL NERVE VII INJ, Cranial Nerve VII Injuries, Facial (7th) nerve injury, FACIAL NERVE INJ, Facial Nerve Injuries, Facial nerve injury, Facial Nerve Trauma, Facial Nerve Traumas, Facial Neuropathies Traumatic, Facial Neuropathy Traumatic, INJ CRANIAL NERVE VII, INJ FACIAL NERVE, INJ SEVENTH CRANIAL NERVE, Injuries Cranial Nerve VII, Injuries Facial Nerve, Injuries Seventh Cranial Nerve, Injury Facial Nerve, Injury of facial nerve, Injury of facial nerve (disorder), Injury of seventh cranial nerve, Injury to facial nerve, Injury to seventh cranial nerve, n.facialis injury, NERVE INJ FACIAL, Nerve Injuries Facial, Nerve Injury Facial, Nerve Trauma Facial, Nerve Traumas Facial, Neuropathies Traumatic Facial, Neuropathy Traumatic Facial, SEVENTH CRANIAL NERVE INJ, Seventh Cranial Nerve Injuries, Seventh cranial nerve injury, Trauma Facial Nerve, Traumas Facial Nerve, Traumatic Facial Neuropathies, Traumatic Facial Neuropathy, Traumatic facial neuropathy (disorder), VIIth nerve injury
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