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Possible Causes For Dysostosis multiplex - Causes


List of current finding(s):

Metabolic, Storage Disorders
Hurler's mucopolysaccharidosis syndrome
Sialidosis/Cherry Red Spot Myoclonus
Beta-glucuronidase deficiency syndrome (MPS VII)
DiFerrente syndrome (Mucopolysaccharidosis VIII)
Fucosidosis (Anderson-Fabry)
Gangliosidosis, generalized (GM1)
Hunter's mucopolysaccharidosis syndrome
Hurler-Scheie compound syndrome/mucopol
Maroteaux-Lamy Mucopolysaccharidosis VI Syndrome
Morquio's mucopolysaccharidosis synd.
Sanfilippo's mucopolysaccharidosis synd
Goldberg Syndrome
Congenital, Developmental Disorders
Dysostosis multiplex
Dysplasia, spondyloepiphyseal/DMC disease
chondro-osteodystrophy-corneal, Disease Hurler, Disease Hurlers, Disease Hurler's, Dysostosis multiplex (disorder), Dysostosis multiplex syndrome, dysostotic idiocy-gargoylism-lipochondrodystrophy syndrome, Ellis-Sheldon syndrome, Gargoylism, Gargoylism Hurler Syndrome, HURLER, HURLER DIS, Hurler Disease, Hurler disease MPS type 1H, Hurler syndrome, Hurler Syndrome Gargoylism, Hurler-Pfaundler syndrome, HURLERS DIS, Hurlers Disease, Hurler's disease, Hurlers Syndrome, Hurler's syndrome, Johnie McL syndrome, L-iduronidase deficiency, L-iduronidase deficiency Hurler type, Lipochondrodystrophy, MPS 1-H Mucopolysaccharidosis type I-H, MPS 1-H-Mucopolysaccharid I-H, MPS I H, Mucopolysaccharidos I severe, Mucopolysaccharidosis MPS-I-H, Mucopolysaccharidosis MPS-I-H (disorder), Mucopolysaccharidosis type I severe form, MUCOPOLYSACCHARIDOSIS TYPE IH, Mucopolysaccharidosis type I-H, multiplex dysostosis, opacities-hepatosplenomegaly mental deficiency syndrome, Pfaundler Hurler Syndrome, Pfaundler-Hurler syndrome, Syndrome Hurler's, Syndrome Pfaundler-Hurler, Thompson syndrome
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