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Possible Causes For Deformities/5p deletion syndrome - Causes


List of current finding(s):

Congenital, Developmental Disorders
Goldenhar syndrome
Deformities/5p deletion syndrome
5p Deletion Syndrome, 5p Deletion Syndromes, 5P minus (partial) syndrome, 5p minus syndrome, 5p partial monosomy syndrome, 5p partial monosomy syndrome (disorder), 5p- syndrome, 5p- Syndrome Chromosome, 5p- Syndromes, 5p- Syndromes Chromosome, CAT CRY SYNDROME, Cat-Cry Syndrome, cat's cry syndrome, Chromosomal imbalance syndrome pair 5 deletion short arm, CHROMOSOME 05 P SYNDROME, chromosome 5 short arm deletion, chromosome 5 short arm deletion syndrome, Chromosome 5p deletion syndrome, chromosome 5p monosomy, Chromosome 5p- Syndrome, Chromosome 5p- Syndromes, chromosome syndrome 5 short arm deletion, Cri du Chat Syndrome, Cri-du-chat syndrome, Cri-du-Chat Syndromes, Crying Cat Syndrome, Crying Cat Syndromes, del(5p) syndrome, Deletion 5p syndrome, Deletion of short arm of chromosome 5, Deletion of Short Arm of Chromosome 5 Syndrome, deletion short arm of chromosome 5, DELETION SYNDROME 05P, Deletion Syndrome 5p, Deletion Syndromes 5p, Deletn short arm chromosome 5, Lejeune syndrome, Lejeune's syndrome, monosomy 5p, Partial deletion of short arm of chromosome 5 syndrome, partial monosomy 5p, Syndrome 5p-, Syndrome 5p Deletion, syndrome cat-cry, syndrome chromosome 5 short arm deletion, Syndrome Chromosome 5p-, Syndrome Cri-du-Chat, Syndrome Crying Cat, Syndromes 5p-, Syndromes 5p Deletion, Syndromes Chromosome 5p-, Syndromes Cri-du-Chat, Syndromes Crying Cat
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