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Possible Rule Outs For Cytomegalic Virus - Rule Outs


List of current finding(s):

Infectious Disorders (Specific Agent)
Roseola infantum/HHV-6
Viral acute illness/Viremia
Newborn TORCH syndrome
Acute viremia
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis, viral
Immune deficiency , acquired (AIDS/HIV)
Neonatal hepatitis
CFS/Fibromyalgia/Chronic fatigue syndrome
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis C virus (non-A, non-B)
Human herpes virus 6/HHV-6
Infectious mononucleosis
Primary HIV infection syndrome
Mycobacterium avium intracellulare/MAC/MAI
Listeria hepatitis, newborn
Rubella hepatitis, newborn
Hepatitis, mononucleosis
Rubella, congenital
Syphilis, congenital
Toxoplasmosis, congental
Epstein-Barr virus
CMV Cytomegalovirus infec, CMV Cytomegalovirus infection, cmv infection, Cytomagalovirus infection, CYTOMEGALIC INCLUSION DIS, Cytomegalic Inclusion Diseases, Cytomegaloviral dis unspec, Cytomegaloviral disease, Cytomegaloviral disease unspecified, Cytomegaloviral disease unspecified (disorder), Cytomegaloviral Infection, Cytomegaloviral infections, cytomegalovirus, CYTOMEGALOVIRUS INFECT, cytomegalovirus infection, Cytomegalovirus infection (disorder), Cytomegalovirus Infections, Cytomegalus virus infection, disease (or disorder) inclusion disease (cytomegaloviral), disease (or disorder) inclusion disease salivary gland, Disease Cytomegalic Inclusion, Disease due to Cytomegalovirus, Diseases Cytomegalic Inclusion, INCLUSION DIS, inclusion disease, Inclusion Disease Cytomegalic, inclusion disease salivary gland, Inclusion Diseases, Inclusion Diseases Cytomegalic, INFECT CYTOMEGALOVIRUS, Infection Cytomegalovirus, Infections Cytomegalovirus, salivary gland inclusion disease, SALIVARY GLAND VIRUS DIS, Salivary gland virus disease
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