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Possible Causes For Cumulative trauma syndrome/upper extremity - Causes


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Trauma Causes
Cumulative trauma syndrome/arm/hand
Vibratory trauma/extremity
Reference to Organ System
Pronator teres syndrome
arm, Arm region, CUMULATIVE TRAUMA DIS, cumulative trauma disorder, Cumulative Trauma Disorders, Disorder Cumulative Trauma, Disorder Repetitive Motion, Disorders Cumulative Trauma, Disorders Repetitive Motion, Extremities Upper, Extremity Upper, Forelimb, INJ REPET STRAIN, Injuries Overuse, Injuries Repetition Strain, Injuries Repetitive Strain, Injury Overuse, Injury Repetition Strain, Injury Repetitive Strain, Limb Upper, Limbs Upper, Membrum superius, Motion Disorder Repetitive, Motion Disorders Repetitive, Overexertion syndrome, Overuse Injuries, Overuse Injury, Overuse syndrome, Overuse Syndromes, REPET MOTION DIS, REPET STRAIN INJ, Repetition Strain Injuries, Repetition Strain Injury, Repetitive Motion Disorder, Repetitive Motion Disorders, Repetitive Motion Injuries, repetitive motion injury, Repetitive Strain Injuries, Repetitive strain injury, Repetitive strain injury (disorder), Repetitive strain injury synd, Repetitive strain injury syndrome, RSI, RSI Repetitive strain injury, RSIS Repet strain inj syndr, RSIS Repetitive strain injury syndrome, STRAIN INJ REPET, Strain Injuries Repetition, Strain Injuries Repetitive, Strain Injury Repetition, Strain Injury Repetitive, TRAUMA DIS CUMULATIVE, Trauma Disorder Cumulative, Trauma Disorders Cumulative, UL Upper limb, UPPER EXTREMITIES, Upper extremity, Upper Limb, Upper limb structure, Upper limb structure (body structure), Upper Limbs
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