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Differential Diagnosis For Abdominal Distension: Congenital, Developmental Disorders


List of current finding(s):

Congenital, Developmental Disorders: next: Genetic Causes
Meconium peritonitis
Hernia of Littre/Meckel's incarcerated
Hirschsprung disease
Imperforate anus, congenital
Meckel's acute diverticulitis
Pyloric stenosis, cong. hypertrophic
Urine ascites/UT obstruction/neonate
Nephrogenic ascites
Pancreas, annular
Choledochal cyst
Megacolon, congenital
Polycystic/liver/mesentary/renal synd.
Jejunal Atresia congenital syndrome (unco)
Anus, imperforate
Congenital hydronephrosis
Intestine atresia
Intestine malrotation
Abdominal muscle deficiency syndrome
Anal Atresia
Aniridia Wilms tumor complex (WAGR )
Congenital Central Lymphatics Obstruction/Dysplasia
Meckel diverticulum