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Differential Diagnosis For CDT [Carbohydrate-Deficience Transferrin test]/Abnormal - Increased


List of current finding(s):

Deficiency Disorders
Korsakoff's psychosis/Alcohol dementia
Wernicke's encephalopathy
Poisoning (Specific Agent)
Alcohol amnestic disorder
Alcohol intoxication, acute
Alcohol seizure (rum fits)
Alcoholic ketoacidosis
Delirium tremens
Alcohol debauche (binge)
Alcohol gastritis
Alcohol hallucinosis/psychosis
Alcohol withdrawal
Alcoholic fatty liver
Alcoholic liver disease
Alcoholism, chronic
Carbohydrate-Deficient Transferrin test

Chronic alcohol abuse is frequent in patients admitted to the intensive care unit with acute drug overdose. During detoxification, an alcohol withdrawal syndrome may develop in patients with a history of chronic alcohol abuse. Withdrawal or delirium is associated with serious risks, necessitating early identification of patients at risk. Since the information obtained from the patients or their relatives on alcohol consumption is often unreliable, biochemical markers may be helpful. Carbohydrate deficient transferrin is considered a highly specific marker (reported maximum specificity 97%, sensitivity 40-85%) for identifying alcohol abuse.

NCBI.NIH.GOV online 2008 Pub Med


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