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Possible Causes For Black fly bites/infection - Causes


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Infectious Disorders (Specific Agent)
Staphylococcus aureus infection
Black fly bites/infection
Black Flies, Black fly, Black fly (organism), Blackflies, FAMILY SIMULIIDAE BUFFALO AND TURKEY GNATS BLACK FLIES, infected bite, Infected bites, Infection bite, Simuliidae

The black fly or gnat, is a small and rather inconspicuous insect. There are a great number of species in the family Simulidae and Parasimulinae, belonging to the order Diptera ('two wings"), occuring throughout the world. Most of them belong to the genus Simulium. They are related to the biting midges or Ceratopogonidae. The most well known species in the temperate regions is Simulium equinium. Other species in Africa and South America are vectors for a number of parasitic infections with nematodes that cause riverblindness (Onchocerciasis).

Eggs are laid in fresh water, and the larvae are aquatic. Both adult males and females are primarily feeding on nectar while females also feed on blood. They can be endemic in certain regions of North America and Europe where they are a nuisance to humans and livestock particularly in humid weather and near fresh water. They can be considered agricultural pests since they cause open bleeding wounds on horses, cattle and goats.

They often bite humans especially during outdoor activities. Black flies are attracted by traces of CO2. The bite can hardly be felt or not at all. Because the insect is so small and the onset of pain and itching is delayed, the bites are only noticed later. Prevalent features of black fly bites are the large wounds they cause, and the swelling around the bite. Itching does occur but is not as pronounced as with mosquito bites. Bites of the black fly often cause pain similar to small puncture wounds or abrasions. Around the bite, a small hemmorhage (petechia) and a small inflammed knot, often with blisters, and frequently a large erythema up to 3 cm in diameter develops


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