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Differential Diagnosis For Anomalous ears/deformities


List of current finding(s):

Trauma Causes
Cauliflower ear
Deficiency Disorders
Newborn Low Birth Weight
Congenital, Developmental Disorders
Congenital disorders
Down's Syndrome
CHARGE Congenital syndrome
Congenital renal/urological anomalies
Turner syndrome/Gonadal dysgenesis
Shprintzen-Goldberg craniosynostosis syndrome (15q21.1)
Beals/arachnodactyly syndrome
Facial-digital-genital syndrome
Miller-Dieker syndrome
Shawl scrotum syndrome
Trisomy-18 syndrome
Kaufman/VATER Syndrome
Miller syndrome/Acrofacial dysostosis
Robert Syndrome
Hereditary, Familial, Genetic Disorders
Fragile X syndrome/X-linked retardation
Chromosome 22q13.3 deletion syndrome (22q13.3)
Acrocephalosyndactyly type III syndrome
Bird-headed dwarf of Seckel
Cockayne syndrome
Cryptophthalmos (Fraser) syndrome
Lipodystrophy, generalized
Treacher Collins syndrome
Brooks syndrome
Curran acrorenal syndrome
Kabuki make-up syndrome
Say Syndrome 1
Reference to Organ System
Renal osteodystrophy
Poisoning (Specific Agent)
Fetal alcohol syndrome
ABNORM, ABNORM CONGEN, Abnormal development, Abnormalities, Abnormalities Congenital, Abnormality, Abnormality Congenital, Anomalous formation, anomaly, Anomaly anomaly congen, ANOMALY CONGENITAL, Birth Defect, BIRTH DEFECTS, CM Congenital malformation, CONGEN ABNORM, CONGEN DEFECTS, Congenital Abnormalities, Congenital Abnormality, Congenital Anatomic Abnormality, Congenital Anatomical Abnormality, CONGENITAL ANOMALIES, Congenital anomaly, Congenital anomaly (disorder), Congenital anomaly (morphologic abnormality), Congenital anomaly unspecified, Congenital Defect, Congenital Defect/Deformity, congenital defects, Congenital deformity, Congenital deformity (disorder), Congenital deformity (morphologic abnormality), congenital malformation, Congenital malformation (disorder), Congenital malformation (morphologic abnormality), Congenital malformation unspecified, Congenital Malformations, Defect Birth, Defect Congenital, Defect/deformity congenital, Defects Birth, DEFECTS CONGEN, Defects Congenital, Deformities, Deformity, deformity congenital, Deformity/defect congenital, Developmental abnormality, Developmental anomaly, Developmental anomaly (morphologic abnormality), Developmental defect, Developmental disturbance, Developmental malformation, Developmental Malformations, dysgenesis, FETAL ANOMALY, Fetal development abnormality, Fetal developmental abnormality, Fetal malformation, Foetal malformation, Malformation, malformations, Malformed ear, Malformed ears, SECTION 2 CONGENITAL ANOMALIES
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